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Jalan Yoga Mimizan offers mindfulness meditation sessions the full moon.

These meditation sessions allow you to discover meditation, and to share this experience.

Through mindfulness meditation you learn to be in the present moment, to observe what is happening in your body, in your mind and around you. You accept your status as. You are in the observation of the senses, your body, and you should do with, without judgment, without going against what is happening internally. No pressure, sans but, without waiting…you are in compliance.

Your body receives a large input of energy, your mind relaxes, and you learn to manage your mind and letting go. Meditation is good for your brain, your body, your mind and it shows every day.

Your mind becomes calmer, you are more concentrated in the life of every day and you feel more relaxed !

Sessions last 45 minutes.

Free screenings for students to members & rsquo; school (card and subscriber) and 5 euros for nonadherent people.

The dates of the sessions will be published on the Facebook page jalan yoga Mimizan, Yoga on the blog-Mimizan.

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