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Jalan Yoga des organizes workshops yoga themed Mimizan any topical & rsquo; année. These workshops aims at improving one’s yoga, develop its practice and practice it more intensively. Workshops take place on Sundays and/or Saturdays.


Sunday 19 more 2019 : Yoga workshop and hike


New yoga and hiking workshop in Mimizan !

A great day to practice trekking in the heart of the dunes and forest and yoga.

We will breathe the air of nature, refuel prana, listen to the birds singing, regenerate his body and doing good to his mind !

It is also an opportunity to deepen the postures longer staying there to allow the muscles to relax and go further flexibility and breathing.

Pranayama will be a great place to fix, increase and direct the prana received during the hike.

The session will conclude with a sound relaxation with singing bowls and chimes to relax more.

A true energizing and relaxing treatment !

A vegetarian meal will be shared.

Price 30 €

Info and booking 0781796262 or

Sunday 17 March 2019 : Yoga workshop and energy

This year I propose to go further in your practice by discovering your energy body.

This workshop will focus on postural practice to activate the energy in your body through a series of postures in slow conscious breathing and visualization energy.

This is an opportunity to make a long session of pranayama to understand how to go deep in our energy body insisting Prana, the vayu, the nadi, chakras.

We will finish with a sound relaxation with singing bowls to relax each part of the body and soothe the brain, notre mental.

The workshop will be held from 8 to 13h followed by a veggie meal during which we'll see a summary document.

Price 30 €

Sunday 25 November 2018 : Dynamic Yoga workshop

Autumn is here, the winters and cold approach also ! This workshop will focus on a dynamic practice to warm the body through specific breathing and movements linking the rhythm of breathing. The session will end with pranayama ( specific respiration for circulating the energy) and relaxation.

After the meeting we will share a vegetarian meal and a good tea !

price 30 €

Sunday 21 October 2018 : atelier yoga & hiking

In this workshop we will start the day with a big hike in the forest and through the dunes. Breathe deeply, listen to nature to wake up, share a good time, to stop eating and start steering the yoga studio !

After trekking, place with a long yoga session to properly stretch toes to the head, practicing pranayama to secure all the energy accumulated during the hike and end with relaxation.

One Sunday in perspective !

Price 30 €

Remember to book !

Sunday 8 April 2018 : Yoga workshop take care of itself

Take care of yourself, take time for yourself, take the time to experience and feel every moment…for this workshop I propose to start the day with a walk in forest 8am to 10am. We'll enjoy the quiet nature, the birds singing and the cool morning air to oxygenate, refuel vital energy !

Then we will continue with a session of yoga focuses on stretching and postures to relax and unwind. We will practice several breaths to calm our mental and yoga session will end with a relaxation.

Finally you may select Buddha bowl over a light and balanced vegetarian buffet.

During the walk in the woods, make sure you take the fresh and dried fruit to taste.

Price 30 €

Remember to book !

Sunday 4 February 2018 : Special yoga studio belly

yoga workshop focuses on the belly. Postures , respirations, concentration, visualization to massage the organs, activate the fire in the belly, improve energy circulation, relax the psoas.

The workshop will end with various breathing and relaxation exercises

food veg * lthough be shared.

Price 30 €

Register before Sunday 28 January. A default before 48h cancellation no refund will be made.


Sunday 5 November 2017 : yin yoga workshop&that

L & rsquo; Yoga workshop will aim to combine the practice of yin yoga practice with Balinese yoga. We begin with yin yoga that is practiced on a cold body to work the ligaments, tendons and joints, then we move to a yang practice by heating the body with fluid movements to awaken the muscles and stretch.

L & rsquo; workshop will conclude with energy work on the chakras and a relaxation session.

A meal will be shared veg * hile , everyone is invited to prepare a little something vegan (without egg, no meat, neither fish, or dairy product) or vegetarian ( without meat or fish).

Price 30 €

Reservation before 31 October, payment is made at the time of & rsquo; registration. Failing & rsquo; cancellation 48 hours before no refund will be made.


Sunday 10 September 2017 : relaxing yoga workshop

This workshop will d & rsquo; stretching each body part, to focus on his breath and d & rsquo; use breathing for effective stretching and safe. Movements s & rsquo; enchaîneront slowly on a quiet background music in order to feel the & rsquo; harmony between body, breathing and mind.

Having explored different parts of the body, we practice pranayama with nadi Sodhana samavritti and then it will be time d & rsquo; a long relaxation.

A meditation time will close the session, from concentration meditation and then we will be switching in letting go for a meditation d & rsquo; observation.

At the end a vegan buffet will be offered.

Price 30 €

Price € 50 couples

Places are booked before September 1st and payment is made at time of booking, failing & rsquo; cancellation 48 hours before the refund will not be made.

Sunday 3 April 2016 : yin and yang workshop.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. The morning from 9am to 12 vinyasa yoga practice to work yang side. The practice will be dynamic with the aim of working muscularly to heat and humidify the muscles to practice stretching each body part. The session will end with pranayama and relaxation. The afternoon practice will focus on the yin side with a static practice ground by relaxing the muscles to work on tendons, the, articulations. The session will end with meditation.

Price : 30€

Sunday 7 February 2016 : Balinese yoga workshop, hiking and meditation. The workshop will be based on a long but gentle Balinese yoga practice to work the body as a whole (9h-13h). Guided practice by a deep breath and a working energy concentration during the postures. The vegetarian meal is offered and it will be followed by a hike in the forest 2 hours (14h30-16h30). The day will end with a meditation session an hour (17h-18h). The meal and hiking are not mandatory. Price : 30 euros

Sunday 27 April 2014 : 2:30 dynamic yoga workshop . This workshop seeks to go deeper into one’s practice and to work out new postures. Pick up a program at the yoga studio. Price : 25 euros

Sunday 18 more 2014 : 2:30 dynamic yoga workshop . The workshop will aim at improving endurance and flexibility. Pick up a program at the yoga studio.

Price : 25 euros

Sunday 17 August 2014 : atelier yoga doux au lac de 7 at 9:30 pm. L & rsquo; goal is to awaken every body part, to focus on the movement and breathing, and relax. Price : 25 euros

Sunday 21 June 2015 : for the International Day of Yoga, Mimizan Jalan Yoga offers yoga workshop 2 hours followed by a session of meditation and a vegetarian picnic. The goal is to gather together before the summer to celebrate the day of yoga, share our energy and have a good time ! Exceptional costs 10 euros.

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