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yoga balinais/hatha flow

Balinese yoga and hatha yoga are accessible to all yogas.

Balinese yoga is based on the sequence of postures to work each body part articulation and smooth. The postures are linked seamlessly to the rhythm of breathing and to develop body awareness and breathing. Balinese yoga focuses primarily on the development of flexibility and energy work during postures and pranayama at.

The gentle Balinese Yoga makes us aware of his body, to resolve the tense areas and improve flexibility.

Concentration focuses on breathing and energy movements in the body.

The gentle Balinese yoga is ideal to maintain his body gently, strengthen muscles and joints. With the fluidity of movement, postures will flow naturally to a real letting go.

The flow hatha yoga is focused on strengthening and flexibility. It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a fluid sequence of postures combines static postures engaging muscles and d & rsquo postures, stretching and rest. More physical than Balinese yoga, it is still accessible to all, except in cases of particular physical problems. Like the Balinese yoga, hatha flow uses the synchronization of movement and breathing and promotes energy circulation. Anchorage, balance and strength development are the main axes of this practice.

Each course ends with breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation to relax the body and mind.

Depending on the courses and participants, gentle yoga Balinese will either be a flow hatha classes. This will vary the themes of the course and work the whole body over weeks (legs, hips, two, toes…).

mimizan yoga yoga path

mimizan yoga yoga path

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