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Good Morning!

I m & rsquo; calls Evelyne and I am a yoga teacher in Mimizan.

C & rsquo; is through my travels in Indonesia that I & rsquo;'ve discovered yoga. After several years of sports practices (running, Triathlon and riding), j & rsquo; felt the need to find a comprehensive activity that allows me to make me physically and spiritually. My encounter with Made Sumantra in his yoga school in Ubud (Bali) was an amazing experience. J & rsquo; was able to rediscover my body and my mind working. My body became more flexible, stronger and my mind s & rsquo; subsided. This event has changed my way of life and I & rsquo;'ve learned to listen to my body.

C & rsquo; is natural that I & rsquo; have chosen to follow a yoga teacher training with Made. J & rsquo; wanted to convey that well-being that I & rsquo;'ve known thanks to him. I have thus followed his teaching in Bali six months a year and then I stayed two and half months in his school for intensive yoga teacher training. I had the chance to take training that combines Indian and Balinese tradition.

Subsequently j & rsquo; have completed my training with yoga training prenatal and postnatal. I am also part of India in Mysore for training of teacher & rsquo; Ashtanga yoga in a certified Yoga Alliance School. Since I continue to train me to acquire new knowledge pranayama, meditation, anatomy, yin yoga therapy and yoga.

I am also trained to teach mom and baby yoga classes and yoga children.

In 2019 I chose to turn to sound therapist. I followed a sound relaxation training with Tibetan bowls and other intuitive tools. I also learned to practice sound massage.

I created my yoga school : courses taught in small group, a room open to nature, postural adjustments just right, pranayama to develop its vital energy, Beyond sound relaxation and meditation. A school where kindness and simplicity good agreement creating the perfect harmony !


J & rsquo; hope to meet you soon to share a yoga class !


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