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Yoga and its benefits

Yoga is a practice allowing us to feel a sense of well-being on the physical and psychological levels. . When it is practiced regularly, yoga becomes then an art of living which one is able to enjoy whether practicing it on a floor mat or in daily life.

Physical well-being


By working out on postures (asana) and breathing (pranayama), one is able to feel a sense of physical well-being after a few yoga sessions.

A regular and continuous Balinese yoga practice improves body’s flexibility. All the tense and stiff body parts are going to relax progressively and become flexible. Muscles and tendons become more flexible and joints stronger. After 8 weeks’ practice, flexibility increases on average by 38% !

Balinese yoga helps becoming aware of the body through movements and unlocking tense parts. . Hence it relieves back pains , and daily tensions.

Thanks to yoga’s various postures, the body becomes stronger. Muscles are strengthened and the body sheathed in depth.

Body’s balance is improved by practicing balanced postures. This helps strengthening joints.

The body is straightened and the way we stand improves daily. We breathe better. Organs work better.

A strong and flexible body prevents having many daily pains such as back pains (back pains, joint pains, muscular tensions ...).

Yoga helps improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the body. It boosts the immune system.

Breathing exercises teach us to breathe properly and increase lungs capacity. A well oxygenated body works better.

Yoga also helps improving sleep and reducing tiredness. We feel more dynamic.

Psychological well-being


When one is able to feel a sense of physical well-being, psychological well-being automatically increases. We feel better in a healthy body.

Yoga helps working on concentration. Through the practice of postures, meditation or breathing, yoga enables us to stop our thoughts and to concentrate on the present time.

We are therefore less distracted in our daily life and spend more usefully our energy.

Asana and pranayama’s practices help reducing stress and nervousness. Our mind is more relaxed, we control better our emotions.

Meditation is an excellent tool for mind relaxation and nervous system recovery. Thanks to meditation, the mind is more relaxed, creative, less subject to stress.

Yoga is a practice which makes people happy !

If we practice yoga regularly, we become aware of healthful living and food. We start respecting our body and we want to give it the best.

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