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Prenatal & postnatal Yoga

Qualified teacher in prenatal and postnatal yoga Bliss Baby, I offer during prenatal and postnatal yoga in Mimizan in private and semi private.


Pregnancy is a great time to discover the benefits of yoga. During pregnancy, it is normal to feel discomfort, pain, anxiety, fatigue and other disturbances. Prenatal yoga frees the mind and body of all those little annoyances. There are many benefits of practicing prenatal yoga even if you have never practiced yoga :

– breath control, relaxation, Stress Management

– relax the body and release tension

– maintenance of body (flexibility, endurance, circulation sanguine, Water retention…)

– sense of well-being through breathing exercises and relaxation

– postural alignment work for a body, balanced, toned and relaxed

– work the pelvic floor to prepare for childbirth and help recovery after childbirth

– postural work to offset the effects of pregnancy and relieve pain (hips, two, shoulders, legs…)

– consciousness and body management

– energy

The benefits of prenatal yoga are numerous. The most important is to understand that everything that is beneficial for the mother is also good for the baby. So if you are relaxed, the baby will also !

All postures are equipped to work smoothly with accessories.


Yoga postnatal

After delivery it is important to provide the body. Many changes can quickly tired mom. Must reconfigure its time, manage daily, but also know how to take time for yourself to rest, to recharge. The primary objective is not to lose weight faster by working in the precipitation (risk of injury), but allow time for the body. After 6 weeks, the body is regenerated and energy cost.

The 6 first weeks after childbirth, the practice of yoga is gentle. It can regenerate his body, to relax, to find a moment for yourself. Must allow time for the body.

After 6 first weeks, the practice of yoga aims to rework the whole body, remuscler and perineum. Stretching, gainage progressif, balance, alignment body through different postures.

After 3 months of yoga practice is normally taken unless cesarean where it takes more time to the body.


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