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Various hours are given for private and public classes.


Hours group lessons :

Timetable effective from September 1 2018 July 1 2019.Les courses last between 1:15 ET 1:30.



12h05 Balinese yoga

19h dynamic yoga (vinyasa)



19h dynamic yoga (vinyasa)



18h30 gentle yoga ( balinais / hatha flow)



19h yin yoga and meditation



10am gentle yoga (hatha flow)


Classes start at the & rsquo; hour, goods d & rsquo; arriver 5 minutes early to get settled. L & rsquo; & rsquo cancellation, a course must be 12 to & rsquo; advance, failing the course will have. Group lessons are held in reserve & rsquo; least two persons enrolled in. Schedules d & rsquo; summer will be established in June.


Schedule private lessons

It is also possible to have private classes at home or at the yoga studio.

Classes are 1h30 long and are adapted to your needs. Each class consists of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and relaxation.

Private tuition at home seeks to improve postural and breathing practice. You improve at your own pace. You can choose what type of yoga you prefer practicing at home : dynamic yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga or meditation and relaxation session.

If you suffer from pains or blockings, or if you wish to lose weight and muscle your body deep down, you can ask for a specific program. Yoga is a discipline that respects the body that can allow you & rsquo; different goals.

Home yoga classes are given in Mimizan or close areas. Private classes take place outside public classes’ hours.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

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