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Beginning yoga Alleghe beach

This morning was the first place during dynamic yoga at the beach ! despite the wind, students stood and took the sea air to refuel energy.


This was, depending on the weather, courses will be held in the morning at the beach. Tuesday and Thursday morning classes are held north beach at 7:30 am. These are dynamic yoga course reserved for those who practice and sports.

Other courses will be held either at the central beach is the south beach at 8:30. It will be during mild or mixed according yoga students.

In any case remember to book to attend the course.

To benefit from the session, avoid eating before coming. If it is too hard just eat fruit 30 minutes before coming. Take a bottle of water to drink after the session. During the course it is useless to drink, it disrupts concentration and is not very good for the stomach.

Wear appropriate clothing, light and flexible and as classes are held early in the morning planning a sweater.

Bring your yoga mat and a towel to put over it is hot. I lend carpets for those who do not have but I urge those who practice yoga in the year to invest in their own carpet.

Soon the summer schedule will be available on the website.

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