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Yoga and its benefits in everyday life



Quand on parle du yoga, is often mentioned the benefits of the practice on the body and mind during the course and after. But yoga also has an impact in the lives of everyday !

Everything we learn about the yoga mat is installed in our daily life. Small demonstration !

1. During the course of yoga, it happens that I often repeat << relax in the posture, release the body…>>. This allows letting go physically and mentally (cf. Article "let go decision! »). We learn to accept your body as it is with its limitations and possibilities. We work in the physical and mental relaxation. We are in the present moment.

And in everyday life ?

We let go-take when we are at home and at work ! Early without realizing, we live in energy saving mode. Yoga allows us to accept that in life (as on the carpet) we can not control everything, we must accept limits, differences and not wasting energy by trying to impose his vision at all costs. Chacun sa way of life, everyone's differences !

Blow through yoga, we no longer want to fight or go against life events. We accept situations more easily , unexpected and we do not try to control everything. As on the mat, release in the life company and live saving your energy for positive things !

2. Breathe is to live, to live is to breathe ! Au yoga on respire. Through the practice of postures, meditation or pranayama. We realize that deep breathing and oxygen easily our entire body and allows us to relax the muscles, tensions and spirit.

Unfortunately in everyday life we ​​tend to forget to breathe. Le stress, the Fatigue, we are neglecting a vital function of our body : the respiration. Fortunately through yoga we become aware of our breathing friend and learn to manage, the control. The finished shot (almost) tension, muscles pulling and shortness of breath. We are relaxed !

In the life of every day, breathe allows us to live better. The immune system is strengthened, oxygenated blood, soothed the nervous system and in addition we think better. Ideas become clearer, we are less dispersed and we manage better everyday life. Purposes of the stress ! Breathing takes over our emotions !

3. During the course, j’ like to emphasize body alignment and postural correction. This has a real purpose ! We become aware of our bodies. Bring its concentration on any part of the body when we breathe much place his heels in alignment, raises awareness of the body and its movements. We learn to distribute our weight on the front, unlock joints or release a particular muscle to work in power saving mode.

As I have been assigned to some students, after a few lessons the body naturally straightens when we're home. We expect to roll the shoulders back, tilt the pelvis retroversion to avoid arching too tired and our lumbar ! And immediately we feel the benefits of good posture in everyday life : dos allongé, best supports, open and better breathing bust. Finished hunched in front of computer !

4. During yoga, concentration and despite some difficulties, we smile, rigolons. After all yoga is not that chanting mantras, meditate and be serious ! Yoga is also there to make us laugh and make us happy.

Yoga no room for gloom ! It comes with a smile, we gossiped with colleagues and leave with a true sense of well-being !

In the life of every day, we are happier, more positive ! We do not let us into the trap of negative thoughts. We believe yoga, we think positive !

And when we smile, we are happier and have better relationships with those around us. And smile more, is doing some yoga facial, the best anti-wrinkle.

So when you come to yoga, think about it all and when you're at home practice these few benefits !

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